Often in AA, the only thing a newcomer hears or remembers hearing when they first come in is “you don’t have to drink ever again.” Because we are like drowning men and women about to…

So you have a 50 Km trail race planned and you signed up for it about four weeks in advance. You actually ran the 50 Mile course there last year and enjoyed the scenery, the race, and you placed 4th overall. This 50 Km run is in preparation for a 120 Km+ race that is coming up in 3 weeks and you are looking forward to testing your fitness. As a matter of fact, you have been doing long runs on this very course for 6 weeks leading up to it.

A test podcast in which IRA tells his story and qualifies as a runner and a recovered alcoholic. No intro or outro music so that it retains the spirit of a pure AA talk. Listen at your leisure or better yet, on your next run!

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