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4 comments on “Brett K. – Part 2

  1. Bruce Dec 31, 2017

    Ira, Excellent! Brett L. & I are dear friends & both work in Healthy Healers & IDAA in Colorado. I have been in continuous recovery for 35 years & am a runner too. Love your work! Look forward to more. Blessings Bro! Bruce I.

    • Hi Bruce, Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement – a friend of Brett’s is a friend of mine! Would love to chat if you’re interested in being on the podcast some time. Happy New Year and Happy Trails!

      • Bruce Jan 3, 2018

        Ira, Be happy to chat. Pretty casual runner so not sure I would be good material for a podcast. Check with me late spring as the casual racing season begins. Pretty much conditioning for ski season right now. Will check out Running in the 4th Dimension…sounds right up my alley! All the best, Bruce

        • Sounds good Bruce – contact me in the Spring when you are ready and enjoy the podcast and the winter season in the meantime. Happy trails!