Let me explain how the idea for this website and podcast originated.

While listening to Eric Schranz’s Ultrarunner Podcast  one day in the Spring of 2017, Eric and his co-host, Sarah Lavender-Smith, briefly discussed their drinking habits and their ability to control their drinking as they wished.  I felt compelled to write them a note on their message board briefly describing my experience as an alcoholic and as an alcoholic runner, and that was that.  My note to them was purely observational and based on personal experience, with no malice or criticism directed toward them or their views.  Let me say here that my position on drinking is basically this:  if you can do it safely and you can control it and can choose to take it or leave it alone as you wish, then bottoms up!  But there is a small segment of society (estimates are around 10%), that has an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind when it comes to alcohol as described in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and it condemns us to go mad or die if we keep drinking.

Eric Schranz hard at work on Ultrarunner's Podcast Eric Schranz hard at work on Ultrarunner’s Podcast
Sarah Lavender-Smith running Mt Diablo Sarah Lavender-Smith running Mt Diablo

 Eric Schranz then shared a post a few weeks later by ultrarunner and blogger, Chase Parnell, entitled, “On Ultra Runners and Alcohol Habits”  Chase’s post quickly grabbed my attention and again, I felt a desire to respond.  My response to Chase’s post was much the same as my former message to Eric’s podcast:  purely observational, mixed with my personal experience and I would like to think, open-minded and accepting.  To make a long story short, I ended up corresponding with Eric and Chase and describing my embryonic idea for a website and podcast for alcoholic runners.  Both Eric and Chase were super friendly, encouraging, and more than willing to offer their help and advice.  I am very grateful to both of them for their generous spirit of giving.  And so began my journey into the online world of blogging and podcasting.

Chase Parnell enjoying an alcoholic beverage Chase Parnell enjoying an alcoholic beverage

 With zero knowledge or experience, I give you this new realm of experience, strength and hope to help you on your journey. Please contact me if you love to run and are trying to incorporate The Twelve Steps, The Twelve Traditions, and The Twelve Concepts into your daily life and want to share your story for the benefit of others. In the meantime, “God bless you and keep you” and make your footsteps light and full of inspiration and gratitude.