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3 comments on “Paula B. – Sobriety Date: Feb. 2nd, 2019, Ultrarunner, Artist/Navy Vet

  1. Phil Laferrera Mar 17, 2020

    I listened to the first half on my run tonight. I listen to a podcast by a retired Seal, and I greatly appreciate all that our vets have done for us. Listening to a Navy Vet that runs, and is an sober alcoholic is a win win for me. Great job to you both, Ira and Paula

    • Thank you Phil! Is that other retired Seal Chadd by chance?…I listen to his podcast and had the honor of running with him last September….awesome guy and the real deal. Paula is too!!

      • Phil Laferrera Mar 21, 2020

        No. His name is Jocko Willink. He’s had some great people on over the years. Most recently was Gary Sinese, as well as Jonny Kim; Navy Seal, Physician, and now an Astronaut.

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