Former Drunks Make Unstoppbale Runners

Great tongue-in-cheek article about how recovered alcoholics possess some of the required tools to be successful runners.


The Ultimate Post-Season Guide for Ultrarunners

The Ultimate Post-Season Guide for Ultrarunners

A great guide about what to do in the “off season” by Jason Koop.  Sound advice for long-term improvement.



Ed Whitlock training at home in Milton, ON

A Lesson From the Oldest Man To Run a Four Hour Marathon

Fantastic advice about longevity in the sport of running and how important it is to take breaks to reach your full potential.


Balance and Focus

Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance

Very good article by Brad Stulberg for anyone wanting to compete at their maximum potential and still have time for the more important and eternal things in life.


Runners World: It's All in the Hips

Runners World: It’s All in The Hips

A good reminder from Runners World about the role that the pelvis and the hips play in good running form.  As someone who has suffered through some hip pain as a result of many poor postured miles, it is good to be reminded to keep that “bowl from tipping over.”


Kara at the start of the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in her hometown Duluth

Kara Goucher: Finding my Way Back Home

Some thoughts from Kara Goucher on about the pressures of being an elite runner and letting all that go to finally get in touch again with what made her a runner in the first place. Let’s hope she can find her roots and run more freely in pursuit of another Olympic Marathon Trials.


The cognitive trick that elite athletes use to achieve seemingly impossible goals

Peak Performance: The Cognitive Trick That Elite Athletes Use to Achieve Seemingly Impossible Goals

A great article by Cindy Lamothe about transcending self to achieve athletic success. The idea is to be of service to others and to a greater ideal so that motivation and the will to go on come naturally…sound familiar fellow AA?


Amy Frohnmayer

Running for Her Life

A fantastic article from Runner’s World about Amy Frohnmayer, a runner who had a rare disease called Fanconi Anemia (FA) and who eventually died from it at 27 years of age. This article reminds us of the importance of having a grateful and accepting attitude mixed with all the love we can muster in our day to day lives.


An inmate toughs out a lap around the yard, which, eight times a year, is converted into a 5K, 10K, and/or half marathon course on which convicts race outsiders

The Wall

A great article from Runner’s World on running in the Oregon State Penitentiary – with the inmates.


Caleb Daniloff

Special Report: The Runner’s High. Runner’s World

An intriguing perspective and running program on recovery.


Chase Parnell enjoying an alcoholic beverage

Chase Parnell’s Article “On Ultra Runners and Alcohol Habits”

The following article was part of the reason this podcast started. Chase Parnell’s Article “On Ultra Runners and Alcohol Habits”


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