The other facet of this website and podcast is running.

You can find a list of races I have competed in, in the “About IRA” menu.  Let me say here that I love to run.  I love to learn about it, I love to talk about it, I love to watch people do it, and I love nothing more than to be out on the trails and roads slicing gently through the atmosphere with my spirit and fleeting thoughts, in rhythm to my feet.  To learn more about my story as an alcoholic and as a runner, please click on the following link, titled, “IRA’s AA Talk/Recording.” There, I basically tell my story as if I were speaking at an AA gathering – you will, I think, see that for me, running, alcoholism, and recovery are very closely bound and for this, I give thanks to my Creator.  It is certainly not the life I planned for or dreamed of as a young person to be a member of AA, but in my Creator’s hands, it has taken on shape and color that I trust only He knows is right and good.