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2 comments on “Susea A. – Part 2

  1. Dave and Anke Mar 7, 2021

    Hi IRA,

    We’re a couple friends of Susea (and Eric, Jessie and Morgan), and very much appreciate your gentle and obviously caring interviews with her. Together, the two of you evoked a truly outstanding and inspiring story.

    Her warmth, intelligence, eloquence and humor won us over from our first meeting. But until hearing her story in one telling – much of which was new to us – we’d never guessed the extent of her courage, nor how much was needed.

    Thank you for your part in helping us to know and love our friend more deeply.

    Dave and Anke

    • Thank you for this wonderful message Dave and Anke and Eric, Jessie, and Morgan. Thank you for reminding me why I put this podcast out there every week. Susea is amazing and I’m also a huge fan of her humor lol. It’s awesome to know she has people who truly love her and want to know her better. Thank you for listening. I hope to meet some of you on the road of Happy Destiny too.