In my opinion, one of the best ways to pass the time on a lonely long run is to listen to quality AA Speakers – you get to learn more AA and it is pretty cool and funny when you’re passing people in a trail ultramarathon knowing they would be very surprised and dumbfounded if they could hear what is coming through your headphones!

Bill W., speaking at the Texas AA Conference in Fort Worth, TX, 1954

Bill W., speaking in Fort Worth, TX, 1954

Bill W., speaking at the Oklahoma State Conference in Oklahoma City, OK, 1951

Bill W., speaking on AA Singleness of Purpose, date unknown

Bill W., The Spiritual Experience – It’s a matter of grace – 1966

Bill W., co-founder of AA speaking on AA Three Legacies – Date Unknown

Bill W.,  co-founder of AA talking on the Twelve Traditions of AA

Bob S., co-founder of AA and Sister Agnatia and Bill W., 1947

Adele D. at Bethel, Maine July 30th, 1995

Chris R. from Ingram, TX, speaking at Any Length recover community in Sumter, SC, 2006

Chris S. from New Vernon, NJ speaking at Acts of Recovery in Baltimore, MD – date unknown

Chuck C. from Laguna Beach, CA speaking at the 4th Atlanta Roundup in Atlanta, GA, 1979

Clancy I from Los Angeles, CA speaking at the 13th Annual Inland Empire Roundup in Riverside, CA, 2005

Cliff R. from Oceanside, CA speaking at the 49th Florida State Conference, August 2005

Dhulkti B. from Navarre FL speaking at the 49th Florida State Conference, August 2005

Don C. from Colorado Springs, CO speaking at the 15th Annual Sioux Empire Roundup in Sioux Falls, SD, 2004

Joe H. from Santa Monica, CA speaking at the All California Young People in AA Conference in Sacramento, CA, 1989

John A. from Dallas, TX speaking at Gopher State Roundup XXVVIII, May 25-27, 2001

John C. – 11th Norman Conference in Norman, Oklahoma, 1998

John L. at Laguna Beach, CA, 1995 

John S. from Montana speaking at the Northern Plains Group Second Anniversary in Fargo, ND, 2001

John S. from Pensacola, FL doing a workshop on Singleness of Purpose in Gulf Shores, AL, 2009

Johnnie H. from Los Angeles, CA speaking at “The Promises and Service” convention in Stockholm, Sweden, 2004

Joshua H. from Toronto Ontario speaking at the 2007 Arizona State Young People’s Conference in Pheonix, Arizona, 2007

Karen G. from Venice CA speaking at the 39th Florida State Convention, 1995

Karl M. from Covina CA speaking at the Friday Night Speaker Meeting in Iceland, 2000

Katie G. from Austin TX speaking at the Mark Houston Recovery Centre in Austin TX, 2008

Keith L. from Wilmington, NC speaking at the 25th Brazos Riverside Conference, 2002

Kenny L. from Houston, TX speaking at the Hong Kong International Convention in Hong Kong, 2012

Kent C. from Sandusky Ohio speaking at The Fellowship of the Spirit Convention in Copper Mountain, CO, June 2014

Lanny T. from Oceanside, CA at San Diego, January 2000

Kip C. 22nd Bluff City Fellowship in Memphis, TN, 1998

Larry T. from Los Angeles, CA speaking at the 35th Annual Essex County Convention, Windsor, ON, 2010 

Larry V. from Cleveland, OH speaking at the Newburgh Group in Cleveland, OH, 2009

Lee Y. from Lake Mary, FL, speaking the Springtime in the Ozarks Conference in Eureka Springs, AR, 2001

Leroy Y. from Van Nuys, CA speaking at Toluca Lake, CA, 2007

Lew F. from Vancouver, BC speaking in Biloxi, Mississippi, 1997

Linn S. from Cleveland, OH at Jamestown, NY, 1985

Lizz H. from New York, NY speaking at the 40th North Shore Roundup in Vancouver, BC, 2011

Lori B. from Phoenix, AZ speaking at Lambda Club Anniversary in Dallas, TX, 2012

Luis H. from Sherman Oaks, CA speaking at the Third Tradition Meeting in Studio City, CA, 2005

Mac C. from Winnipeg, MB speaking at Blackstone, VA, 1979

Mac F. from Las Vegas, NV at Houston, TX

Mack B. from West Covina, CA speaking at the 14th Annual Crested Butte Mountain Conference in Mt. Crested Butte, CA, 1997

Mari G. from Wasaga Beach, Ontario speaking at the San Diego Spring Convention in San Diego, CA, 2005

Marilyn B. at AA Convention in Overland Park, KS, 2002

Mark H. from Elgin, TX speaking at the AAggieland Convention in Bryan, TX, 2009

Mark K. from Santa Monica, CA speaking at the 25th San Diego Roundup, 2002

Marty J. from Manitoba at Abilene, TX, 2002

Martin S. from Chicago, IL speaking at Herrington Recovery Centre Oconomowac, WI, 2005

Marty M. at San Francisco, 1947

Mary Ann W. from Corpus Christi, TX speaking at the Sacramento Spring Fling in Sacramento, CA, 2000

Mary P. from Orlando, FL speaking Crested Butte Mountain Conference in Crested Butte, CO, 2006

Mary T. from Santa Fe NM speaking at the 42nd Annual New Hampshire Convention in North Conway, NH, 2009

Matt J. from Santa Barbara at Helena, MT, 2002

Sister Maurice D. from the Bronx, NY speaking at the Spring Fling in Lincoln, NE, 1999

Mel B. from Toledo, OH speaking at the Northern Colorado Intergroup “Decadance” in Fort Collins, CO, 2006 

Michael M. from Evans, GA at Sand Diego, 1995

Mickey B. from London, UK speaking in Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009

Micki B. from Bryan, TX speaking at Houston Roundup in Houston, 2002

Mike M. from Brunswick, MD speaking at the Rosemont Group in Frederick, MD, 2009

“Iron” Mike P. from Baycliff, TX speaking at the South East Texas Area Convention in Beaumont, TX, 2006 

Mike W. from Wilmington, NC speaking about Steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 at the 25th Brazos Conference, 2002

Milt L. from Cleveland, OH speaking at the 7th Annual South Bay Roundup in Torrance, CA, 1991

Milton M. from Vancouver, Canada speaking at Spokane, WA, 1995

Minnie M. from Las Vegas, NV speaking at the Houston Conference for Young People in AA in Houston TX

Mose Y. from Millersburg, OH speaking at the Golden Link Group in Sagamore Hills, OH

Moshe K. from Oakland, CA speaking at speaker meeting in Danville, CA, 2009

Myers R. from Dallas, TX speaking at the 1st London Primary Purpose Workshop in London, UK, 2005

Norm A. from Monrovia, CA speaking at the San Jose Roundup in San Diego, CA, 1982

Pat L. from Saskatoon, SK speaking at Nipawin Roundup in SK, Canada, 2006

Pat R. from Lake Hopacong, NJ speaking at the 3rd Annual Buckeye Roundup in Cincinnati, OH, 1994

Otto M. from Plano, TX speaking at the 27th Annual Maine Roundup in Suggarloaf, ME, 2004

Paul G. from Cambridge, MN speaking at Western Wisconsin intergroup speaker meeting in Prescott, WI, 2008

Paul F. from Phoenix, AZ speaking at the Arizona State Convention for Young People in AA in Flagstaff, AZ, 2001

Patti L. from Largo, FL speaking at the Lubbock Conference in Lubbock, TX, 1987

Paul O. from Laguna Beach, CA at the 19th Everett Conference, 1997

Paul W. from San Jose, CA speaking at the Saturday Night Live Group, San Jose, CA, 2005

Pete W. from Toronto, Canada speaking at the Florida State Convention

Peter M. from Union, NJ speaking at the 24th Spring Conference Dubuque, IA, 2007

Phyllis H. from New York speaking at the 70th Hot Springs, 2010

Raul C. from Waco, TX speaking at the Triangle Group in Waco, TX, 2007

Ray O. from Miami, FL speaking about the history of AA and the 12 Steps in Jekyll Island, GA, 1994

Rich B. from Salisbury, MD speaking on the topic of “Amending our Past” in Costa Rica, 2012

Richard E. from London, UK speaking about the traditions at Hatfield, UK, 2011

Rick W. from Oxnard, CA speaking at the Old Town speakers meeting in La Jolla, CA, 2010

Rick K. from Edmonton, Alberta speaking at Area 78 Roundup in Spruce Grove, Alberta, 2006

Rob B. from Baskin Ridge, NJ speaking on the topic of service at the Spiritual Awakenings Group in Bernardsville, NJ, 2003

Robbie W. from Vineland, NJ speaking at the Aberdeen Wednesday Night Group’s Quarterly Meeting in Aberdeen, SD, 2007

Robi S. from Ventnor City, NJ speaking at the Absecon Speaker Group in Absecon, NJ, 2013

Ron W. from Los Angeles, CA speaking about Step 1 at the Stateline Retreat in Primm, NV, 2010

Samantha M. from Santa Barbara, CA speaking at the Northshore Roundup in Vancouver, Canada, 2008

Sandy B. from Tampa, FL speaking at the 28th Gopher State Roundup, 2001

Roosevelt M. from Akron, OH speaking at the 3rd Annual Fellowship of the Spirit convention in Cuyahoga, OH, 2016

Scott F. from Upper Darby, PA speaking at the Nosara Big Book Workshop in Nosara, Costa Rica, 2012

Scott L. from Nashville, TN speaking in Daytona Beach, FL, 1999

Scott M. and Matthew M. from Fort Worth, TX speaking at the 24 Hour Group in Fort Worth, TX, 2006

Scott R. from Sherman Oaks, CA speaking at the 8th Annual Capitol Jamboree in Olympia, WA, 1999

Scott T. from Coolbrook, NY speaking at the 60th Gopher State Roundup in Bloomington, MN, 2013

Sean A from Vancouver, BC speaking at the 33rd Annual AA Rally in Campbell River, BC, 2007

Searcy W. from Dallas, TX speaking at the International Convention in Minneapolis, MN, 2000

Serenity Sam from Richmond, IN speaking at Celebrate Sobriety in Vancouver, 1994

Sonya N. from Rogue River, OR speaking at Miracles Happen in Laguna Beach, CA, 1990

Sheldon F. from Las Vegas, NV speaking about Steps 4 and 5 at the Stateline Retreat in Primm, NV, 2010

Sterling H. from Omaha, NE speaking at the Sacramento Spring Fling in Sacramento, CA, 2004

Susan D. from Dallas, TX speaking at the 20th Annual Singles Conference in Lake Murray, OK, 2003

Sybil C. from Los Angeles, CA speaking about the 12 Traditions in Laguna Beach, CA, 1980

Tara R. from Sedona, AZ speaking at the Connect The Dots Group in Las Vegas, NV, 2012

Taraq K. from London England speaking at the Christmas Convention of the Serenity Group in Stockholm Sweden, 2012

Ted H. from Vancouver Washington speaking at the Florida State Convention, 1987

Terri S. from Olathe, KS speaking at the Olathe Group, 2012

Terri K. from Woodwille, OH speaking at the Woman to Woman Luncheon in Toledo, OH, 2010

Tim H. from Louisville, KY speaking at the 21st Annual AA Fall Men’s Retreat in Vancouver, BC, 2009


Bill Wilson and the "bedtime story"
Bill Wilson and the “bedtime story”